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 -George Santayana-

Welcome to My Family Shop’s Blog!

My name is Yvonne and I guess you’re here because you want to know a bit more about me an My Family Shop :-).

I’m an experienced early childhood teacher, mummy of 2 boys, wife to a lovely husband and owner of My Family shop, a small but growing business in London.

My interested in an ecological lifestyle came back in Germany when I was working in Waldorf education. I liked the concept of Waldorf to provide kids with a healthy, organic and ecological lifestyle.

After I got to know my husband who is vegetarian I took the next step and became vegetarian too.

Pregnant with our first son encouraged me even more to live a green lifestyle…and then the idea came to set up My Family Shop.


That’s me & my three boys 🙂


My Family Shop stands for high-quality products for the whole family!

From contaminant-free wooden toys, natural products for baby and child, to beautiful accessories and fair trade articles for the whole family we sell a big variety of goods in our shop. With these products I want to trigger your interest in organic and fair trade products.  I want to convince you of our philosophy of promoting natural and high quality products.

I work with leading manufacturers who rely on that high quality and healthy materials.

With an educational background in Waldorf pedagogic and working with children and adults with special needs, I’m also sourcing some of my products from sheltered workshops in Germany, for me a way to support people with disabilities who are doing a job that helps them to integrate into society.

For all products from the rest of Europe and from outside Europe, we pay a close look to fair labor and trade conditions.

Our suppliers must ensure not only adequate remuneration of the workers but that is decent and healthy working conditions.

I strive to expand our product line soon and look forward to your visit always.

Have fun looking, discovering and buying!


My Family Shop


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